Virtual Weddings for Guests Unable to Travel

The idea of getting married in a virtual wedding ceremony has all ways seemed impersonal. But things have changed dramatically due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Many couples have had to postpone their weddings this year and some are considering postponing for a second time – as the near future is still uncertain when it comes to travelling.

While some couples are willing to wait as long as it takes to have a “real” wedding – where you can still dance and throw the bouquet. There are people who do not want to wait to tie the knot and are exploring alternative solutions such as an online wedding.

The concept of an online wedding has seen a fluctuation of innovative virtual wedding ideas that are allowing brides and groom to create an intimate experience virtually.

But how does a virtual wedding actually work?

The whole online wedding thing is very simple: there are just a few people at the ceremony (the couple, the officiant, and a couple of witnesses) and the ceremony is streamed online using apps such as Zoom. Originally created for meeting and family gatherings, Zoom is now being used for online teaching, medical assistance, and even weddings!

Sounds crazy, but it’s already happening.

And in the future, we are very likely to see more wedding ceremonies being transmitted via online streaming services, with a growing advancement with technology. Even when the Covid-19 crisis is over, there will still be good reasons to share your wedding online with guests, such as family located overseas who can’t come due to financial reasons, guests affected by travel restrictions or family members who are too sick to travel.

How is it possible?

Apps and technology for virtual events and video calls has improved massively this year –even if things were already going in this direction, the pandemic forced tech developments in 2020 to meet the demand for virtual gatherings. Getting married online was possible before this but the tools needed to successfully organise a virtual wedding were not as reliable and fine-tuned for online social gatherings as they are today.

Benefits of having an online wedding

You can get married in 2020 or any time you want

As said before, some couples simply see marriage and living together as more important than having a big wedding where all their relatives are invited.

Easy and quick to organise

A typical wedding takes at least half a year to organise, while more complex receptions are planned even a year in advance. Why spend lots of time planning for a wedding that may have to be cancelled again when you could get help from a virtual wedding planner and see your dream come true sooner


There are multiple costs that are cut off when you organise a virtual wedding: catering, music band, venue, extensive decor, transportation. This type of wedding can be organised at a fraction of the cost of a traditional wedding.

Anyone can attend

As long as they have an Internet connection, friends and family living in the most distant places in the world can be there for you on the big day.

Easier to handle

Introverts and people with social anxiety may find more pleasure and contentment in a virtual wedding ceremony.

Can be organised on any day of the week

A virtual wedding in 2020 can give you access to your favourite wedding venue within a couple months instead of waiting years for it to be available. This is because you can get married online on any day of the week, be it Monday or Thursday; your guests will most likely be available to attend a shorter ceremony that does not involve travelling or staying up all night.

What can you actually do during a virtual wedding?

Future brides who have seen their wedding plans shattered by 2020 have switched online searches for Whitsunday wedding venues to virtual wedding ideas and are becoming more comfortable with the idea that a wedding with 200 guests is impossible at this particular moment. Organising an online wedding does not necessarily mean you have to get married in your living room or backyard, though. You can still hold the ceremony and the party anywhere, including a destination wedding venue, and invite everyone to join you online. Here are some things you can do on the big day:


A virtual wedding does not exclude a destination wedding venue. You can still get married at an exclusive wedding venue such as Villa Botanica and enjoy breath-taking scenery with your guests watching you online. Anyone invited can still enjoy the views by completing a virtual venue tour.

Live stream wedding

This is the most important part of your virtual wedding and it can’t go wrong. You need the services of a specialised wedding planning Qld professional. A virtual wedding planner will help you organise a reliable streaming service and then secure vendors who can digitally document the streaming platform – that you can always treasure.

Aside from preparing yourself for the online ceremony, you also need to prepare your guests and explain to them how the platform works, inform them whether they need to create an account in advance, and show them how to enable audio and visual. Tell people what to expect so you don’t have them messaging questions about why they can’t hear anything or missing the most important moments because they are not familiar with the platform.

Extra tip: don’t be afraid to mute your guests during the ceremony as background noise can pop up, such as a dog barking, a kid throwing a tantrum, or a device calling in the middle of your vows.

Dress up

Getting married is a once in a lifetime event for most of us and you shouldn’t skip the traditional formal dress and the elegant groom suit. You may not be as meticulous as you’d be with a traditional wedding but ensuring you feel beautiful for your virtual wedding is a must.

Throw a virtual after party

The reception can also take place online. You can involve your guests in your virtual wedding by inviting them make a toast or speech through the microphone. Showing your guests your first dance or cutting cake with them.

Enjoy your honeymoon

One of the advantages of hosting an online wedding ceremony at a destination wedding venue is that you can start your honeymoon immediately after – an experience you would be more tempted to skip after a tiring wedding day spent socialising with dozens of guests.

If you don’t dare to make the move and get married online, you should know that Villa Botanica actually has dealt with a couple of virtual weddings recently:


Nadine Kemp Photography

Mr. and Mrs. Watt are a beautiful couple affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

Sadly, Charlotte’s family from the UK were unable to attend the celebrations but woke in the early hours of the morning to tune in and watch via live stream… and they were still drinking champagne throughout the reception.

Two things are for sure: restrictions caused by the Corona virus are not ready yet and couples still want to get married. Why wait when you could research the most amazing virtual wedding ideas and still get married this year? Contact our wedding planning Qld service today for advice on how to get married at Villa Botanica and have your guests joining you online!

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