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Looking for a Destination Wedding Australia location? Your search can be easier than you imagine. Before that, let’s check some stats. Approximately 7% of Australian couples get married in Australia but outside their place of residence, and a daring 3% tie the knot overseas. Favourite locations to marry abroad according to statistics include the USA, New Zealand and Fiji.

Those who opt for a destination wedding within Australia are also looking for places with an exotic feel and picturesque backgrounds, such as the Whitsunday Islands. And this brings us to one of the most stunning, and a high potential location for a Destination Wedding Australia.  The Whitsundays and Airlie Beach is ranked as one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations, and a must-see place on most people’s bucket list.

If you choose to organise your Destination Wedding Australia there, Villa Botanica Wedding Venue will be sure to make it to your short list of venues due to the significant advantages it offers to couples: Breathtaking natural beauty

Our venue doesn’t require a lot of decorations as it benefits from amazing backdrops anywhere you go on our grand 5 acre estate. Reasons to organise a wedding outdoors and take advantage of natural settings include:

  • Saving money on decorations – better spend it on something else, like superior accommodation for your guests or the wedding dress of your dreams
  • Good taste without effort – you can’t go wrong when you let nature provide the background for your event because it never uses the wrong mix of colours or chooses ornaments that don’t match the theme of the event
  • Less waste – a wedding that uses nature as decoration is more friendly with the environment and there is less waste produced from ornaments and embellishment.
  • Saving time – little or no decorations is one thing less to deal with on your to-do list or argue about with your future spouse
  • Perfect photo session background – getting married at home usually implies taking some time for photos, which happens in a park or on the beach. Everybody does it, but it is not that practi cal because it eats up a lot of time and meanwhile your guests have to find a way to entertain themselves. When you get married at Villa Botanica, you have it all in one place, including the most amazing background for your newlyweds photos – and everybody can join without having to travel with you to a photo session location


There’s plenty of stuff to see at Villa Botanica

Couples who opt for a destination wedding often worry they will be busy trying to entertain guests because people spend more time at the wedding location when they travel for the event and they could get bored stuck in a place. If you organise your wedding at Villa Botanica you don’t have to be concerned about that because there is plenty to see and do on our premises. A stay at Villa Botanica can provide plenty of activities and fun to fill a short holiday. Our venue has several different locations, which creates a unique experience for your guests and makes the travel totally worth it. Our strongest assets are the tropical gardens, the sea deck, the cactarium, the secluded stretch of sand of our private beach, and the wedding pavilion.


Plenty of tourist’s attractions nearby

No matter how beautiful our venue and its surroundings are, we will always recommend our guests to visit the rest of the islands and attractions nearby. The Great Barrier Reef is a world heritage-listed destination which is home to thousands of tropical fish, turtles and dolphins and it also represents one of the most popular yachting destinations in the Southern Hemisphere. Visit The Whitsundays Queensland website to discover the top 10 things to do on the Whitsunday Islands.


Villa Botanica supplies a planner

Amazing scenery at your destination wedding Australia is useless without professional planning. If you choose to plan your wedding at Villa Botanica, you will benefit from an experienced wedding planner that will smooth out every step of the process and always keep you informed on what to expect. In order to be completely reassured and relaxed on the big day, the planning lasts anywhere between four months and two years, depending on the complexity of the event.


Our venue can cater for any weather climate

You can book Villa Botanica at any time of the year, because the weather is favourable all year-round. The best time of the year to have an event on the Whitsunday Islands is September, due to sunny days, minimal chance of rainfall and temperatures of maximum 26°C with low humidity. Villa Botanica is ideal for outdoor weddings, but in case of bad weather or just because you want the best floor for your first dance, the marble ballroom is always accessible for you and your guests.


We ensure transport for you and your guests

No bride or groom should worry about their guests’ transportation on the most special day of their lives, and making phone calls to coordinate rides is definitely not the way you want to spend the last few hours before saying “I do”. Our venue helps organise transport for family and friends from their hotels to Villa Botanica so your loved ones are there just in time without you having to solve transport problems.


Excellent accommodation is available nearby

There are several accommodation options for your guests close to Villa Botanica, and our recommendations include Pinnacles Resort, Boathouse Apartments, Mantra Club Croc, BIG4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort, Toscana Village Resort, Airlie Beach Hotel, and Harbour Cove. These include family-oriented accommodation that provides a safe place for children and relaxation areas for adults, as well as apartments or rooms for those who want to be close to vibrant spots like the main strett of Airlie Beach. These are just a few reasons why Villa Botanica is a great destination wedding Australia option and once you start your fabulous wedding day at our venue you will discover even more, from our Balinese-inspired style to hospitality and complete support from our staff. Contact us today for any question you may have about our venue or wedding planning in general. ]]>

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