Advantages of Having a Small Intimate Wedding

Small and intimate weddings with close friends and family are frequently the preferred wedding planning option of many couples. Some brides and grooms prefer an intimate wedding reception due to budget constraints, while others simply want to keep it simple and avoid the stress associated with large weddings, along with those typical guest list dramas.

2020 has brought one extra reason for couples to look for small wedding ideas, though; the Covid-19 outbreak has come with multiple rules and restrictions regarding social gatherings. A traditional large wedding with the usual dancing and mingling is no longer possible at least for this wedding season if not for 2021 as well. Some of the Covid-19 implications for the wedding industry that make a small intimate wedding the definite better option include – no shared plates or family-style catering , a maximum of ten people can be seated at a table, guests should be seated with household or family where possible, and the list goes on. Having an intimate wedding you are likely to have only those there who are in usual contact with each other, therefore reducing risk of spreading to distant relatives or lesser-known guests.

Covid-19-related restrictions can further affect your wedding planning Qld as this crisis has completely changed the nature of function venues and caterers around Australia. A wedding industry Covid safe plan has been developed by the Australian Government to prevent confusion among service providers in the wedding industry; the guide is also useful for couples planning to get married this season as they will know what to expect and what regulations to follow. For example, dancing is only allowed for the wedded couple and their parents, sharing props such as photography booths is not permitted Wedding planners are able to adapt and adjust to make this unprecedented year still work for your wedding.

What is a small wedding?

Small weddings is… actually small. We know that many couples say they are planning a small intimate wedding just to go there on the big day and discover there are more than 100 guests in attendance – that is actually a medium-size wedding. A micro wedding reception typically includes 50 people or under, a medium wedding has anywhere between 50 and 150 guests, and there can also be what you’d call a tiny wedding, with as little as 10 guests.  Your ideal wedding size depends on your budget and on the size of your immediate family. If your closest relatives exceed 50 people, a tiny wedding can be impossible to organise for you, without stirring up family politics and displeasing relatives. However, with the current average family size, a small wedding is doable without having to trim your guest list excessively.

Why choose a small intimate wedding?

Aside from being obliged to comply with Covid-19 restrictions, there are plenty of other good reasons to look for small wedding ideas and put them into practice locally or at a destination wedding venue of your choice:

    • Spending less money on your dream destination wedding reception is a major advantage of having a reduced guest list. If you are on a small budget, this is one of the most efficient ways to save; if you still want to splurge, you will have more money for other options offered by your wedding planning Qld services;
    • It is easier to organise, as there will be fewer decisions to make, more time to spend on pleasant pre-wedding activities like wedding dress shopping, and generally much less drama;
    • When you opt for a smaller event, you can create an intimate atmosphere where you can really have conversations with your loved ones and you will be able to enjoy every moment;
    • A smaller guest list gives you access to a larger number of wedding venues, including the beautiful and exclusive Whitsunday wedding venue, Villa Botanica;
    • You will be able to spend more quality time with each wedding guest – you will have fewer tables to visit and more time to spend with the friends and family that you really care about catching up with;
    • If you don’t like being in the centre of attention, or hate big audiences, you will be pleased to have fewer eyes on you at your wedding;
    • You will have more money for your honeymoon or other important post-wedding expenses;
    • DIY wedding projects will be easier and less expensive to complete;
    • You can diversify your drinks selection – at a small intimate wedding it is more common to see couples opting for a full bar packed with craft cocktail options, beer, wine, and a selection of champagnes minus the astronomical price tag;
    • You can focus on what you value the most, while big weddings can be expensive and feel impersonal;
    • Also means you will find it easier to pull off a destination wedding, because the smaller the guest list, the less coordination of travel you need to attain;
    • You are less likely to have to postpone your wedding due to the Covid-19 outbreak if additional restrictions are imposed again.

What to expect from a wedding venue when having an intimate wedding.

Now that you have decided for a micro wedding, it’s time to start planning and choose the venue. This is one of the most important steps as it will really set the tone for the entire event and influences other parts of your wedding planning Qld, such as vendors, transportation, accommodation, etc.

When organising a small intimate wedding, you will need to keep in mind the following things when looking for a venue: choosing the main aspects that matter the most to you and selecting your venue based on that; opting for an outdoor wedding if you want to make your wedding not feel too small or become a tiny wedding; choosing a location where guests can stay onsite for the weekend; and looking for that exclusive venue that will provide you with fabulous catering. For organising a small and intimate wedding away from home, Villa Botanica is the luxury venue that has it all; from outstanding quality of service to plenty of outdoor space to comply with any social distancing regulations.

Why Villa Botanica is so great for an intimate wedding

Villa Botanica is your top Whitsunday wedding venue where you can celebrate the most important day in your life without having to deal with the usual difficulties of wedding planning, to which the challenges of Covid-19 restrictions are now added. In case you needed a few more reasons as to why Villa Botanica is the perfect small intimate wedding venue:

  • Villa Botanica is surrounded by the exquisite natural Whitsundays environment and is rated as one of the most romantic outdoors locations to marry in Queensland;
  • Your guests will have plenty of room to move around and explore as Villa Botanica and its 5-acre surface is only yours to enjoy for the day;
  • We provide luxurious wedding-night accommodation;
  • Our in-house wedding planning Qld services are meticulous, reliable, and highly creative at the same time;
  • We serve 5-star food and drinks in a tropical garden setting;
  • We offer all-inclusive weddings so you don’t need to worry about a thing;
  • You are not hiring a traditional wedding venue, but you are getting your own private paradise.

Are you interested in our micro wedding solutions and the advantages that a boutique Whitsunday destination wedding venue like Villa Botanica can provide in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis? Contact us now on our website and find out how we can make your tropical wedding dream come true!

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