Your Guide to Planning a Wedding Ceremony in Queensland

So, you said yes to the ring and you’ve decided that you want to get married in Qld. Congratulations you’ve picked the perfect state for a stunning destination wedding! Let’s see what comes next… First of all, it’s time to start doing your research for planning the perfect day. If you haven’t decided on a venue yet, this stress-free guide will tell you what you need to consider for wedding planning in Qld.

Travel Options

You might think that the first step of creating your wedding checklist Australia is choosing the location, but we suggest doing otherwise. Before anything, think about how much time and money you are willing to spend on travel and then look for locations that match your budget and schedule restraints. Will it be an inland North Queensland wedding venue or can you invest more and opt for a Whitsunday wedding venue? Consider the availability of local airports, transfers, flight costs for you and your guests, time of year to travel, and anything else that can put too much load on your planning or can deter guests from attending your event.

Queensland Weather

Variations throughout the year are common in Australia, even within the borders of each state. Consider the comfort of guests and research extreme weather conditions that may occur in parts of the state. When it comes to Queensland weather, here are the main things you need to keep in mind:
  • For summer weddings, have a rain-plan in place and make sure your venue has an indoor/sheltered space where you can move the entire event. You may need this alternate option in case of summer storms or extreme heat;
  • Plan your ceremony time taking temperatures into account. On a summer day, when temperatures can exceed 30 degrees Celsius, the lack of shade can be a serious problem and sandy beach photos may result in burnt feet;
  • Remember to offer cold water to guests during the ceremony, no matter what the weather is like;
  • Getting married near water or in a rainforest is extraordinary, but the presence of mosquitoes can spoil your celebration. Prepare pest repellents in advance so your wedding does not turn into a feast for mosquitoes.

Setting a Budget

How much do you want to spend with your wedding planning? Keep in mind that you will need to pay for a large number of products and services, including wedding venue, wedding dress (purchase or rent), wedding photography, marriage celebrant, transportation, videography, catering, music, entertainment, decorations, bridesmaid dresses, wedding invitations, wedding cake, flowers, hair and makeup, unexpected expenses, and others (depending on your preferences). Once you know how much you afford and are willing to spend on a venue, you can start making a list of locations where you would like to get married. As much as it might be tempting to blow the majority of your budget on an over-the-top venue, you need to keep in mind that the venue cost is just one part of your wedding expenditure.


There have been more than a few cases around the world of couples who were not able to get married on the expected date due to bureaucratic errors. It may not be the most exciting aspect of wedding planning but it is an important one, so be sure to include it in your wedding checklist Australia. In Queensland it is necessary to complete and submit a notice of intended marriage form, secure a licensed marriage celebrant, prepare identity and eligibility documents, find qualifying witnesses, and find an interpreter in case one or both of you can’t understand or speak English. More information can be found on the Queensland Government website.


Although an increasing part of the population is receiving the anti-Covid vaccine, restrictions are still in place. If you want to get married in Queensland, whether you do it locally, at a destination wedding venue or at a luxury wedding venue Queensland, you will need to follow some strict regulations. The Covid Safe Plan for weddings in for-hire venues issued by the Queensland Government in October last year is still in place and mentions obligations such as:
  • Everyone has an obligation to stay at home while displaying any symptoms such as fever or coughing;
  • Contact information must be kept for patrons, contractors, and staff;
  • Businesses must display the COVID Safe Checklist on their front entrance door or window and be clearly visible;
  • Physical distancing to be observed, including remaining 1.5 metres away from other persons who are not part the persons household group and regular hand hygiene, as well as avoiding handshaking and other greetings where contact is made;
  • Creating floor markings that provide minimum guide distances between customers queuing for service and using physical barriers where possible;
  • Making hand sanitisers freely available throughout the business based upon capacity for customer use.

Picking a Celebrant

The celebrant sets the tone for your wedding, so he or she should match your personality. Be sure to do your research – check out reviews, look at who has been recommended by wedding venues, and make the decision as a couple. The eligibility of the celebrant is also important if you want your marriage to be valid. You can choose between a registered civil marriage celebrant, a religious marriage celebrant, or a civil religious marriage celebrant. A list of registered marriage celebrantsis available through the Australian Attorney-General’s Department.

Picking the Perfect Luxury Wedding Venue Queensland

Finally, it is time to narrow down location! From Coolangatta to Cairns, Queensland has an abundance of destination wedding venue locations. If you’re looking for a tropical wedding escape, North Queensland wedding venues are a popular and picturesque choice, such as the beautiful Villa Botanica Whitsunday wedding venue. Picking the right location will not only ensure a joyous celebration that everyone will love, but also an amazing wedding book you will turn to over the years when you’re feeling nostalgic about those wonderful moments. In order to make the right choice, do your research – this includes Instagram, Facebook, blogs, Google reviews, and anything you can find on the Internet about each location. After narrowing your selection to a number of preferred locations, make a list of advantages and disadvantages for each venue. Also take your gut feeling into consideration as ultimately the best venue is one you are attracted to and genuinely like, even if you can’t quite understand why you like it so much.

Use a Reputable Local Planner

Are you still hesitating between two or three different venues? The final detail that can make the difference is wedding planning Qld. It is preferable to choose a venue that provides their own wedding planner as this will streamline decision making and planning, ultimately making your life easier. Villa Botanica Whitsundays offers incredible, detail-focused wedding planners who will guide you every step of the way. A dedicated wedding planner will be assigned to your wedding the moment you choose us as your Whitsunday wedding venue and they will work hard to create that dream, custom wedding for you and your future spouse. A locally-based planner will be able to recommend top vendors who are both experienced and trusted. The talent and dedication of your wedding planner is essential, along with knowledge of local services and potential issues. If you want to get married at a premier Whitsunday wedding venue, add Villa Botanica to your short list. Thanks to our flawless service, incredible ocean views, one-of-a-kind landscaped gardens, and our unfailing ability to craft a tailor-made dream wedding just for you. Contact us now and ask us anything you would like to know about getting married with us in Qld – our friendly and knowledgeable planners can provide you with an online tour and a free, no-obligation quote based on your personal needs and requirements.

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