Fairy Light Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

Wedding décor is one of the most important items on any bride’s checklist for the big day. Decorations are vital because they set the atmosphere for the event and they also are a way to show your personality as a couple…

A large part of your wedding day takes place after sunset, and many of the decorations that stood out during the day are now almost unnoticeable.

The solution? Look for fairy light wedding ideas as this type of lighting is a relatively affordable method for creating a beautiful atmosphere in the evening. Whether you get married in your backyard or opt for a destination wedding venue fairy lights fit any venue. Keep on reading to discover how and why you should add sparkling fairy lights to your big day!

Benefits of using fairy lights in your wedding

Fairy lights don’t belong exclusively to the holiday season; they are recommended by many wedding planning Qld experts for providing the following advantages:

Low Cost

Overall costs for purchasing/hiring and installing fairy lights are generally quite affordable. The best option is to rent these lights or even better, opt for a venue that already has them. If you purchase your fairy lights straight out your expenses will be higher and, in the end, you could end up with equipment that you may not need to use again, taking up space that could be better used. Alternatively, if you are a fairy light/ string light fan you can repurpose them at home, in your garden as a constant reminder of your special day.


Fairy lights usually come as small electric lights on a wire, string, or cable and you can get fairy lights that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This allows you to drape them, wrap them, hang them, the list goes on…

Creating Atmosphere Both Indoors and Outdoors

Another major advantage of fairy lights is that you can use them both inside and outside at your wedding venue of choice. The effect however is much more impressive when using lights outdoors at night.


Illuminating your celebration with candles is very romantic, but also more dangerous. Twinkling string lights remain the most popular wedding lighting option, and you can enjoy fairy tale, star lit vibes without worrying about fire safety.


Top Fairy Light Wedding Ideas

Choosing a wonderful Whitsunday wedding venue means half of your wedding décor work is done.  As a wedding destination with a huge amount of natural beauty, even the slightest touches of décor are complemented by ocean views and tropical flora. Why not create an even more stunning atmosphere by incorporating fairy lights in your wedding; here are some sparkling fairy light wedding décor ideas to provide you with inspiration:

Say “I do” Under a Magical Tree

Decorate the most prominent tree at the wedding venue with fairy lights and you will have the centrepiece of your wedding ready at a very affordable cost.

A Canopy of Twinkling Lights

This idea requires a lot of string lights but the end result is completely worth it. Create a canopy of manmade twinkling stars so your wedding glows late into the night.

Dangling Fairy Lights

Fairy lights dangling from the ceiling of your wedding venue will transform the space into a magic-filled wonderland.

Wrapping Palm Trees in String Lights

Trees are the perfect support for fairy lights and if you have beautiful tropical palm trees at your wedding venue you can wrap them in lights to make them focal décor pieces.

Mixing Fairy Lights with Bohemian Lanterns

For a more laid-back effect, arrange fairy lights into an irregular pattern and combine with bohemian lanterns.

Fairy Light Curtains

Many wedding venues adorn their tent ceilings with fairy lights, but you can take things one step further by extending the lights into light curtains that create a dreamy atmosphere. Combine it with a wall-less tent or give up the tent altogether and your guests will be left speechless as they approach the dazzling reception area.

Using Fairy Lights to Accent Areas of the Room

You can highlight specific areas of a room through using basic lighting and you will get the best photos. Some of the wedding reception elements you could accentuate using fairy lights is the cake, the bar or perhaps a champagne tower.

Use Lighting to Segregate Areas

A successful event has well-defined areas that create a natural flow for guests to follow. Lighting can be used to guide your guests and define certain spaces in the most efficient yet discreet manner.

Fairy Lights Backdrop

Create a fabulous backdrop for your ceremony or for the head-table at the reception. People will take tons of pictures in these areas and, if you create the right ambience, those photos will be spectacular. Combine flowers with fairy lights so your ceremony backdrop is a thing of beauty all day and into the night too.

Highlight the Bride and Groom Table

Whether you have a sweet little table for two or share it with your parents, all the eyes at the reception will be on you. Adding both romantic and flattering lighting to your table will keep the spotlight on the bride and groom.

Dim Overhead Lighting for Dancing

Fairy lights with a dimmer switch are a great option, allowing you to alternate between brighter lighting for dining time and darker for dancing. Enhance your wedding party by using the right lighting to set the ambience!

Wrap Fairy Lights around Rafters

Brighten up those ceilings or other architectural features by wrapping them in fairy lights to give them a sparkling glow.

Other Light Inspiration and Ideas:

Decorate Invitations with Images of Fairy Lights

Prepare your guests and set the theme from the very start by featuring lighting illustrations on your invitations. Show your guests what to expect while also choosing an original design for your invitations!

Giant Custom Letter Lights

Giant letter lights stand out and provide a unique wedding décor style. Spell out your surname, or ‘LOVE’ or ‘MR’ & ‘MRS’, any wedding or love-related word will work!

Fascinated by the idea of a magical fairy-lit wedding? Choosing the right destination wedding venue is the first step towards making your wedding decor dreams come true. Some wedding venues can even provide you with their own fairy lights to make decorating a lot easier.

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